Label of Love was born in 2007 when the founding member Jacqueline Rogers fell pregnancy. Always having an intense love for feeling well dressed and put together she could just not satisfy her basic fashion needs during this beautiful nine months of her life.

After doing some research she realized that there is simply no one in the market catering for modern stylish woman like herself. She realized that this is her mission to tackle and with no fashion experience she bought a R200 second hand sewing machine and started her journey with Label of Love.

This has set her on a journey to create a range that would make it easy for the everyday woman to choose from. Label of Love takes away the burden of figuring out how to dress a growing tummy with comfort and style.


Pregnant or not, if you looking for an elegant and timeless garment, Label of Love will not disappoint. Showcased on several magazines and TV shows, our product has proven time and time again, that our styles can be worn dressed up or down and for any occasion.

Most shops simply did not cater for pregnant styling feminine woman. Label of Love’s founder immediately started thinking on how to make this idea a reality. The essential Label of Love maternity wardrobe offers the very best luxury pregnancy collection. All styles are designed to enhance the natural beauty of a growing bump and lighten any wardrobe. The most important factor in my business is to create a high quality garment that can be enjoyed during pregnancy, and look just as good after baby has arrived

Fit is very important, we want you to be able to feel comfortable and stylish in our range. Label of Loves designer Jacqueline Rogers spends a large amount of time ensuring that her garments makes your feel as beautiful and confident as you know you can be.


It has taken Label of Love eight years to perfect this vision and fashion style. We are proud to present our beautiful collections for all shapes and ages. Quality and comfort are our two most important factors when bringing out new designs. We choose only the best breathable quality fabrics for your skin.

Each hand made garment goes through several quality checks to ensure that you receive a dress that will match all of your expectations.

This has resulted in such brand awareness that Label of Love has built a reputation as being an enduring product with the highest quality in fabric rendering it timeless.